The refined “tailoring” taste

ALTA has maintained and developed under the contemporary design influence overtime, the ability to realize tailor-made furniture projects with a productive process that can even customize the least details to match the tastes and needs of each customer, retailer and interior designer.
Every idea can be realized and the secret lies in the wise balance between research, technology and craftsmanship achieved by the company.
So its kitchens come true, thanks to so many professional people looking to give the  best of themselves: an added value that cannot be expressed in numbers.
The wide range of available materials and finishes, the furnishing element’s remarkable modularity, the possibility of making manual works and, above all, the time devoted to each project, are the factors that make this company a real style lab, able to meet every demand in terms of aesthetics, quality and functionality.

An atelier, where furniture with essential and rigorous lines grow, which dress the daily living with refined contemporary elegance.