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Alta Commitment Act

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Commitment and transparency
Our innovative approach to project management is called the Alta Commitment Act: we guarantee our clients total visibility from beginning to end of their project, with a ten-stage process which is formalised in the Alta protocol.

Excellence as the result of experience
Our obsession with constant improvement and excellent performance led us to set down our ACA protocol, based on 10 distinct steps that make up the stages of the project. The result is guaranteed management of our in-house processes, which are subjected to rigorous checks in order to certify their quality.


Analysis of the project and preliminary proposal

In the preliminary stage, initial meetings with the general contractor and the architect’s studio are essential in order to understand the client’s needs and preferences.
Alta offers the possibility of a 100% bespoke service, including the production and supply of one-off items which add extra value to any project.


Definition of the surroundings

Viewing the rendered images together allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the prevailing style of the space; at Alta we use a mood board to display different combinations of colours and materials, which is then used to develop a solution.


Detailed quote and approval of the proposal

On the basis of the client’s requirements, Alta provides a detailed and clear costing for the execution of the project, expanding all the expenses and relevant information for every component and service.

Alta’s exceptional value comes from our ability to offer clients alternative materials and components with a range of options in terms of quality and price.


Preparation of technical documentation

Our technical office drafts the technical documentation, including detailed drawings of every detail in every room, the technical construction specifications, known as Civil Work, and plans for the coordination of water and electricity systems, with a particular focus on the US regulations for people with disabilities (ADA).
The technical drawings include precise indications of materials to be used and the sizes and specifications of all components.


Project calendar

In our offices, the various stages of the project are planned and allocated to the different departments involved in the process, while remaining in constant touch with the architect’s studio and the general contractor for the execution of the final project.


Technical specifications and installation documentation

Following surveys carried out on the site, the Alta Design Department provides the architect’s studio with detailed graphics, installation drawings, product specifications and samples of finishes for the final composition, for approval by the client.


Production and progress of the work

Alta’s competitive advantage is the result of a combination of artisan skill and technical innovation. Our services stand out for their quest for quality and consistency, meticulous selection of exclusively Italian raw materials, and environmental and social sustainability.


Logistics of the project

Management of work flows is essential to ensure the timing of the project is adhered to.

Alta scrupulously monitors movements of materials at every stage of the production process, from supply of materials to final delivery, in which external logistics management is crucial for handling complex projects at national level, and even more so internationally.


Delivery and installation

With a particular focus on details and harmonious cohesion between different rooms, Alta undertakes to fulfil the stated requirements and the promises made: the real-life images of finished projects are a faithful reflection of the initial renders.


Warranty and continuing support

Our commitment to our clients continues over time. Even after the sale and delivery of the finished product, Alta guarantees its quality with a meticulous after-sales service.

Case study

The story of a successful project is the best way to understand the strengths and added value of our work.
As a case study we have chosen the residential project “The Twenty 1” to illustrate the 10 stages that make up the Alta Commitment Act and our modus operandi.

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