Philosophy in the kitchen: ALTA’s vision

“Cuisine is not eating.
It is much, much more than that.
Cuisine is poetry.”
(Heinz Beck)

Home. A concept that has changed over the years and still continues to change profoundly, together with the transformations that take place in society and the changing habits and needs of the individual.

Once a container of even large families, it later became the reference point for a new idea of family, a point of departure and arrival, but, above all, a refuge in which to pause the frenetic rhythms of modern society and relax.

In this new concept, the kitchen plays a central role: it represents the heart of the home, the environment in which changing needs, new spaces, innovation, versatility, functionality and conviviality come together.

This is how the kitchen becomes almost a status symbol, the highest expression of the combination of functionality and design, a source of pride and, also for this reason, a place to live and share on various occasions and at different times of the day.

What is the centre of the room? The island, with its considerable gravitational pull, the true fulcrum around which life and the dynamics of the family develop.

An icon of modern cuisine, the island is a comfortable, practical and efficient solution. From a main place of action as a worktop for culinary preparations, it transforms itself, at different times of the day, into a space for sharing and conviviality.

A kitchen model that was born together and perfectly adapts to open spaces, environments where it is necessary to remodel spaces thanks to differentiating but, at the same time, complementary and harmonious elements.



It is the modern conception of home, a philosophy that, in the multitasking logic of this society, brings together multiple activities in a single and determined space: cooking and socializing, relaxing and being with your family, working and interacting with others.

The modern kitchen, as a result, suggests large spaces to make the most of the compositional modularity, enriching them with selected, functional and design elements, in harmony with the living area.

The inclusion of island modules in modern kitchens allows for greater flexibility and facilitates the maintenance of order.

The idea of placing in the centre of the room a series of operations typically carried out in the kitchen, such as, for example, food preparation and cooking, makes it possible to free up walls that can be rethought and used to place multifunction columns, refrigerators, raised ovens, wine racks, or to increase intelligent storage spaces, such as concealed drawers and shelves for dishes and utensils.

The strength of Sistema 22 by Alta? Creating design kitchens, with selected materials in line with trends, to make them live an extraordinary experience and offer the possibility to innovate, over time, the shapes and materials of their environment.

The logic of this System, in fact, allows a substantially infinite choice of alternatives, with a wide range of materials and finishes, to be able to give shape to the ideal combination, perfect and tailored to each specific need.



Moreover, in order not to place limits on space, the islands can be integrated with sliding counters, to conceal the sink and hob or to extend their dimensions, to create an additional surface that disappears when not needed.

The island, however, is not an exclusive prerogative of open and spacious spaces!

Thanks to the modularity of Sistema 22 by Alta, in fact, the islands are available in multiple widths and lengths, to adapt to any type of architectural context: from lofts with metropolitan spaces to country villas.

With a rich variety of finishes, both for fronts and tops and counters – from laminate to Fenix, from lacquer to wood, from glass to ceramics – the island guarantees clean lines and essentiality, following the stylistic logic of “less is more”. It thus becomes a unique piece, in which verticality and horizontality merge together, almost dematerializing three-dimensionality.

Design and functionality for Alta: two contiguous extremes of a stylistic project in continuous evolution.

ALTA for sustainability

Tomorrow’s enterprise will either be sustainable or will have no way to exist.

The market demands it: more than a third of potential buyers consider sustainability to be at least as decisive a factor as quality and price.

In this context, it is essential to radically change one’s vision and way of doing business: not to have a short-sighted focus on the ‘immediate return’, but to think more broadly, with a long-term vision.

For ALTA, a design company from Friuli region in the north east of Italy manufacturer  to kitchen and living spaces, it is absolutely necessary to think of a holistic strategy that involves all aspects relevant to the well-being of individuals, first and foremost the desire to preserve the environment and enhance it for the benefit of local communities.



This is a matter of business ethics and not profit: actions with a negative impact on the environment, pursued with the aim of recovering efficiency and minimizing industrial costs in the immediate future, are extremely harmful, for themselves, but also in terms of social conscience and reputation. They are, in fact, shortcuts that backfire on the company in the medium and long term, to the point of undermining its competitive position and its very survival.

In this regard, being able to count on the presence of entrepreneurship with family-based governance is a guarantee of a different and virtuous approach, oriented towards the long term, without the need for forcing in the short term.

Such a data, which may appear counter-intuitive, finds its raison d’être in the multigenerational vision of ownership and not speculative.

And this is also ALTA’s philosophy: to pay great attention to the interlocutors involved in the processes, to know its stakeholders and act accordingly.

The tools put in place? First and foremost, to promote internal cultural growth, shared by the entire organization, generating value for stakeholders at all levels: brand, product, service and above all relations between the parties.

This is the company’s mission: for ALTA sustainable production is not only about emissions into the environment, but includes the entire production cycle and above all the actors involved in the process. Being sustainable for the company is not limited to the choice of recycled wood particle board panels, water-based paints, recyclable materials such as aluminium, glass and steel, FSC-certified cardboard packaging, which is also fully recyclable, and plants that comply with European environmental regulations; for ALTA, sustainability is understood above all towards the people who relate and collaborate with the company, whether they are employees, suppliers or customers.

And the environment that the company wanted to create is also in constant transformation and evocative: those who join ALTA are an integral part of a family that feeds and preserves their homes every day. The company’s distinctive approach puts man and his relationships at the centre, recreating an environment full of natural light, with large open spaces and desks, to give everyone the right space and allow individuals to interact and collaborate. Taking care and making their employees feel good. They are the first ambassadors, towards suppliers and customers, witnesses of a distinctive ethical approach still not taken for granted in today’s working world.



Respect for the environment, for the territory and for people. These fundamental principles, included in ALTA’s mission, are the pivotal points for the development of a path oriented towards Sustainability. A path in which we must not only respect and promote the key elements of the circular economy of ‘building, consumption, recycling and reuse’, but also support and promote the creation of culture and value for and with the people of the company.

In short, every time the process of conception and creation of a new product for the market begins, ALTA starts the path from a reflection that focuses on the founding elements of sustainability with the declared objective of respecting and implementing them in the best possible way. How? By working on the recyclability of a material, the impact of the plants used, the procedures that must be adopted, the compliance laws required, the elimination of chemical substances used, in defence of the health of its workers, and making every effort to manage their safety, without excluding an impact assessment at the end of the product’s life.

ALTA’s attention will be increasingly focused on consolidating these concepts, to give the market and its customers the guarantee of design excellence and, at the same time, of a rational and virtuous choice. The challenge of the future will push towards the limited if any use of glues and synthetic products in general, the use of ultra-light materials and the optimization of volumes, which  can be obtained by delivering premium but flat-pack products, which reduce the impact for the cubic meters transported.

All this, however, ALTA wants to achieve without renouncing to prestigious design and high-end finishes, because this is ALTA’s mantra: to create valuable products with valuable people.

The Alta Cucine islands: beauty in motion

The kitchen is not only a set of furniture, containers, appliances and accessories, but it is an environment characterized by its own nature and personality, linked to its raison d’être and the required functionality.

With Sistema 22, the kitchen becomes an open, modular, equipped, but above all flexible space, able to transform itself according to the needs that change over time, but also during the same day. A virtuous combination that combines design, style and creativity, while respecting the fundamental principles of ergonomics, a guarantee of practicality and comfort for those who live the kitchen.



Excellence made in Italy

How did the idea of Sistema 22 come about? It is the result of the perfect fusion of technical skills, know-how, typical of Made in Italy craftsmanship, innovative design and clear awareness of the changed functionality required.

A design legend like Billy Baldwin used to say that “Furnishing is the art of arranging beautiful things in a comfortable way”, a postulate that guided Alta in the construction of the Sistema 22 project, conceived to organize beautiful, ergonomic and bright interior spaces, able to enhance and highlight the relationships between the people who interact in them, creative environments that want to be a source of inspiration for those who live there.


Transformation and movement

Sistema 22 is enriched with attractive over-top solutions. The insertion of the new sliding elements allows the kitchen to open, extend and adapt, creating modular spaces, useful for different uses than usual.

The solutions developed by Alta are elegant, multiple and versatile and are combined with a wide and articulated variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials, finishes and colours, worthy complements of distinctive but intelligent kitchen spaces, where characterising elements like these add undoubted value to the environment. An environment no longer static, but dynamic, which changes its appearance depending on the configuration you choose, transforming an island or a peninsula by simply sliding the snack top.



A continuous discovery

Like in a game of open and shut, make disappear and reappear. Sistema 22 includes extractable mechanisms that can be integrated into the islands with lengths between 800 and 2100 mm of useful top, complete with leg with wheels or mechanisms on top, which go to hide the existing top and with the possibility of concealing the sink or hob, thus obtaining a unique aesthetic cleaning effect.

The current technical solutions, moreover, allow to design by inserting this practical solution and extending it to widths up to 2100 mm and depths up to 1200, with heights between 60 and 80 mm, thanks to the tops built with the folding technique.


Suspended refinement

The materials chosen to dress the tops are the purest: wood, stoneware, foils, noble materials perfect for domestic use.

And for those who do not like aesthetically invasive supports or visible metal elements, Alta allows, thanks to the use of latest generation brackets drowned in the furniture or on the same floor, to obtain suspensions even for snack tops over the meter. The effect created is that of a floating table, a modern touch with an extremely sophisticated design.

The dynamism conceived by Alta is not only limited to the horizontal planes, but also extends to the vertical lines.

There is, in fact, a further option in Sistema 22 to equip bases and tall units with internal extractable tops, hidden by flap closures or concealed in tall units with recessed doors. This stratagem allows you to have a greater working space or even to add a table without sacrificing precious surface of your kitchen.

Renowned American designer John Maeda has codified one of the guiding principles that also inspired Alta Cucine: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding what makes sense”. Customs are the fence of creativity: let’s not let ourselves be imprisoned by habit, but take advantage of our lateral thinking! To innovate, to be attractive and attractive, it is necessary to look at everything from a new perspective.

System 22: design in absolute freedom

Alta Cucine gives life to a modular and extremely flexible project, which allows you to create your own kitchen by personalizing it down to the smallest detail.

Freedom to think, give shape to spaces and fill them, letting yourself be guided by design and functional needs, without setting any limit to creativity. All this is System 22. Not a kitchen model subject to the passage of time, but a universal System, which is constantly renewed in the finishes and expanded in modularity, so as to always offer new solutions and opportunities. The kitchens of System 22 evolve over the years, innovating and changing, depending on the aesthetic taste and the needs of the people who live them.



Infinite possible combinations

Alta’s desire to always look for new and different modularity has led System 22 to become progressively richer, so much so as to guarantee customizations, possibilities of sizes and almost infinite combinations.

Today it is possible to choose from over 5000 articles, available in 10 widths, 18 heights and 4 different depths (all standard). It is also possible to request made-to-measure modules to customize the kitchen according to the customer’s specific needs.

What is another strong point? The perfect integration between the modules, which gives the designer unlimited compositional freedom.


The nuances of the material

The range of materials, colours and finishes is also very wide. Each kitchen can be chosen from 10 different materials, available in 300 finishes, up to lacquer with water-based paints, sample-dyed woods or RAL lacquer finishes.

Among the materials available in System 22 are wood, glass, ceramic, aluminium, steel, burnished aluminium and various eco-compatible materials such as pet or technical glass, quartz, dekton…

Alta draws on these materials that nature has given us and gives them a new shape, to offer new sensory moods and elaborate a beautiful, elegant kitchen, with soft and discreet colors, as the great Haute Couture made in Italy has always taught in the fashion world.

This wide variety of proposals is completed by the choice of functional accessories. LED systems, equipped panels and motorized mechanisms, in fact, further enrich an already extremely wide range, thanks also to Alta’s partnership with the most prestigious brands in the sector.

The customer therefore plays a central role in Alta’s design philosophy. Each environment is designed around its needs, according to its style choices and space requirements.



The kitchen from your point of view

A project of coordinated and coherent style, where architecture and furnishings become one and where each environment is designed for those who will live in it. Sophisticated materials, precious details, timeless shapes designed to offer surprising comfort.

Sistema 22 di Alta is designed to live even outside the kitchen environment, creating a coordinated and organic style of furnishing in which every detail contributes to making the whole unique and extraordinary. From the kitchen to the living area, up to bathroom furniture applications.

This is the Alta Another view project: a value proposition based on Alta’s style, a modern style, guided by ergonomics and sustainability, in line with contemporary design trends, but absolutely distinctive and recognizable.

Open System library: draw spaces without boundaries

Space beyond space, distinct design volumes that become contiguous and continuous, overcoming the feeling of the limit of physicality thanks to solutions that free the perspective.

Open System: innovation focused on evolution

After Alubox, the ultralight aluminium door, Alta continues to explore the applications of this noble metal. Increasingly used in the design world for its unique characteristics, aluminium was chosen by Alta Cucine to create the Open System bookcase, in line with the environmental sustainability path undertaken by the company. We prefer, in fact, the use of materials that do not pose the theme of disposal at the end of the cycle, but which guarantee the possibility of being fully reused.

With this new proposal Alta extends the horizons of its System 22 by extending the kitchen to the entire living area, the beating heart of every home. A perfect trait d’union, to combine the two environments without making them appear two different worlds.



Lightness and compositional versatility: a perfect combination

The current conception of the spaces, with few open walls and plants, is extreme in the open spaces and in the living rooms open to the open kitchen, if on the one hand it is a guarantee of wide range and perspective, on the other hand it renounces to delimit and identify the different areas of the house.

Being able to have an element like Open System allows to divide without barring, to characterize without limiting, to contain without closing, to overcome the idea of dividing bookcase to become a vertical functional space. All this without giving up the fundamental element of architecture: light.

Verticality is given by custom-made uprights, from floor to ceiling, which allow a free arrangement of horizontal elements and to select number and height of shelves. There is a wide choice of finishes with original characteristics, oak, elm and walnut essences, matt, glossy and metallescent lacquers in addition to the laminates, to guarantee a perfect stylistic integration with the architectural mood of each room.

Without limitations: the wide modularity, with heights of up to 3 metres and room widths of up to 2.70 metres, makes Open System the ideal solution not only for typically small urban spaces, but also for defining extremely large environments such as industrial lofts or directional applications.



Alta Another View: design on a human scale

In the extraordinary circumstances we have experienced in this pandemic period, it was necessary to completely rethink our daily living space. For this reason, the new planning will have to take into account changed lifestyles, which will see individual needs and family needs living side by side with needs related to the profession. Therefore, a creative innovation of spaces with a reshaping of containers and contents will be essential. 

The concept of òikos is as relevant as ever: this term, typical of Greek culture, refers to the home as the basic unit of society and embodies the values of family, home and protected space, three distinct but closely related values.

In the conception and planning of spaces, man, with his personality, needs and ideas, returns to play a leading role. As the great architect Le Corbusier well expressed: “Space, light, order. These are things that men need, like they need bread or a place to sleep”.

The customer is at the heart of every Alta Cucine project: we guarantee maximum freedom of expression to creativity, proposing a System that can be moulded and adapted to any technical-functional need and aesthetic desire, a System rich in modularity and the many possible combinations of finishes and material elements.

It is not just a question of furniture, but of living well today to build the world of tomorrow that we would like.

The Alubox Door: a work of art Made in Italy

The unbearable lightness of aluminium meets the timeless elegance of glass and ceramics.

A product and its functionalities are able to enhance people’s existence.
In what way? By deeply influencing the possibilities of interaction with the environment in which they are inserted and sociality with other individuals.
This observation has transformed Alta’s way of doing business and strategic vision.
As a consequence of this change, in fact, we decided to combine the technical element of product excellence with other components, intangible but of extreme value, able to give strength to the centrality of man: Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Respect for people and Essentiality of form and design.



In the sign of the essential: the Alubox door

It is in this new scenario of values that the idea and realization of the Alubox Project is born, further confirmation of the principle ‘less is more’. A design that, despite the definition of ‘minimal’, becomes pure enrichment, for a high-end furnishing concept.

The masters who inspired our invention? Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Mondrian, Arne Jacobsen, Carlo and Tobia Scarpa, Antonio Citterio, Gabriele Centazzo and Giò Ponti. All these architects have taught us and teach us that the secret goal is fully achieved when there is a fusion between true modern, timelessly conceived design and ergonomics.

To respond to the need for maximum functionality and finesse of the lines, we have worked on the dematerialization of the physical element, guaranteeing, at the same time, all compatibility and ensuring the designer full creative freedom and total flexibility in the panel of technical alternatives.

With this innovative product, designed and built according to the principles of eco-compatibility, Alta integrates the range of solutions for the kitchen with a twofold objective: to allow a more extensive design, drawing on new material elements, and to propose modern colour solutions that, thanks to their entirely recyclable composition, respect the environment.



Aluminium, glass and ceramics

An aluminium frame, with a technical panel as the core, a unique structure, easy to clean, light and resistant, coupled with a tempered glass or, alternatively, a ceramic element with a total thickness of 4 mm.

The stylistic elegance and transparency of the glass, the materiality and the specific technical characteristics of the water-repellent stoneware offer complete freedom of configuration and can be easily combined with other prestigious materials such as elm, oak or walnut veneered woods or metallescent lacquered, whose modern finish perfectly matches the different shades of Alubox supports.

The adoption of pure materials on the aluminium structure of the doors extends the applicability of the same design principles to the other surfaces of the kitchen.

For example, the choice of a Gres Laminam can be made in combination with the worktops, to include the islands as well. This combination of surfaces gives a sense of monolithic harmony to the material used, enhancing the single-colour visual impact, a priority for those who pay attention to minimalism in design.

A noble metal such as aluminium also represents a decidedly eco-compatible solution, appreciated by those who pay the utmost attention to their own well-being, in full respect of the harmony with the natural environment. Alubox is “resistant lightness”, which does not fear water, steam or heat.



Infinite variations and modularity

There are four different shades of colours that Alta proposes for the Alubox support: white aluminium, pure white, charcoal grey and deep black, ideal shades to perfectly integrate with the overall structure of the kitchen.

The wide modularity, available in six widths, seventeen heights and also available in customized heights from 229 to 260 cm, represents pure expressive freedom for an architect or interior designer and guarantees him the possibility to plan without constraints.

With these specific specifications, modular design can also include suspended elements and offer maximum freedom of composition and movement, both in vertical and horizontal directions. All burnished metal finishing options (such as thin shelves, open boxes or storage compartments to be placed between base units and wall units) blend in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Alubox combines the technology and technicality of industrial materials such as aluminium with handcrafted components such as lacquered glass and ceramics.

The final result is a product with a uniqueness all made in Italy, a work of art rich in details that make the difference, a new protagonist in the high design market.