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Case study

The Twenty 1

Grade Architectural Firm
Interior Designer(s):
Grade Architectural Firm
General Contractor:
Wonder Works

Furnishing supplied:
Kitchen, pantry, millwork and bathrooms



Located in the elegant Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, “The Twenty 1” is a new luxury residential project which involved extensive redevelopment to restructure and transform an existing four-storey commercial building into six single-storey units and two top-floor duplexes.


Analysis of the project and preliminary proposal

During the preliminary phase it emerged that the client needed a bespoke project based on the architectural design.
Specifically, since the building was characterised by extensively glazed facades, the architects asked Alta to recreate the effect in the interiors by including mirror glass in the furnishings to give symbiosis between interior design and external structure.

Detail of the architecture
Detail of the interior design

"To increase the sale value of the units, it was important that Alta could guarantee a 100% Custom-Made service, creating elegant and modern one-off pieces which would add even more value to the building."

Grade Architecture + Interior Design

"We asked Alta for all its company documentation (workers’ insurance, compliance with USA standards) in order to be sure that it could act as a supplier for this project."

Wonder Works Construction

Floor plan of apartment


Definition of the surroundings

The render gave an in-depth picture of the distribution of space and conveyed the overall style chosen by the client and the balance of colours, finishes and materials used, while at the same time providing a comprehensive vision of the project.

The mood board allowed us to choose between different colours and materials and to achieve the optimum combination of elements, which faithfully reflects the project and meets the client’s expectations.



Detailed quote and approval of the proposal

On the basis of the client’s requirements, Alta provided a detailed costing for the execution of the project, including all the specifics of supply and delivery.


Preparation of technical documentation


Project calendar

Meticulous planning of operations allowed us to manage, check and respect the project’s timescales, as well as monitoring costs and ensuring compliance with the required quality standards.

Thanks to constant contact and dialogue with the general contractor and the architect’s studio, we were able to intervene promptly in response to changes and alterations in the course of the work.


Technical specifications and installation documentation

Following our on-site surveys, the Alta Design Department provided the architect’s studio with detailed graphics, installation drawings, product specifications and samples of finishes for the final composition, for approval by the client, with a practically unlimited range of options, complete flexibility and a 100% custom-made service.


Production and progress of the work

In this project, Alta’s competitive advantage arose from its combination of artisan skill and technical innovation. Our proposal stood out for its focus on quality and consistency, meticulous selection of exclusively Italian raw materials, and environmental and social sustainability.



Logistics of the project

Management of work flows and external logistics was vital to ensure the timing of the project was adhered to: Alta scrupulously monitored movements of materials at every stage of the production process, from the supply of materials to the final delivery of products.

Based on the characteristics of materials and finishes and the destination of the products, Alta designed and created a packaging system which would ensure the integrity of components and was suitable for any method of transport, including ship and air.



Delivery and installation

3D Render
Real-life photo


Warranty and continuing support

Our after-sales service guarantees technical support and assistance, and is available for additions to existing projects, ensuring maximum professionalism, promptness and attention to the client.

Quality, the result of lengthy research and an extremely rigorous selection process, is the distinguishing characteristic of materials used in our factory.