Projects that take shape | Alta Cucine


Respect of people

We Value people through Valuable people.
Appreciation and respect are essential in building Value relationships among individuals: in Alta, we want all the people of our world, Clients, Suppliers, Collaborators, Partners and the community in which we operate, to be integral parts of our project and we all constantly strive to promote principles of ethics, equality and diversity, trust and reliability in all that we do.


A minimal and essential design, inspired by aesthetic criteria, that give life to beautiful, important and functional spaces, but also elegant and discrete, based on the principles of ergonomics: this is the philosophy inspiring our creations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Attention not only to the environment, but also to people. Doing business means valuing human resources, contributing to the development of expertise, actively participating in the local community where the company is operating and promoting constant innovation and growth aimed at a sustainable development.


We are aware of the responsibility we all bare for the future of our planet. Based on this principle, it is our purpose to improve the environment in which people live, respectfully preserving the external environment we will have to pass on to future generations.
Therefore we commit to enforce a policy of social awareness and enhancement of the company processes in terms of impact and eco-sustainability, also through a conscious and efficient use of resources, which are limited, and in order to manufacture respectful products.

Spaces Becoming Projects

Space is an inspiration, space becomes the incentive to thinking, a container to be filled with contents and functions for the benefit of people who will enjoy them. It is from this unique and unrepeatable combination of desires and needs, environment, time and materials that the project idea is born and takes shape in a specific space.

Projects Taking Shape

The art of know-how and its main actors, the people: the true secret ingredient. They are not only the custodians of an artisanal expertise and of a distinctive know-how, but the actual protagonists of the company, in a cooperative and collaborative environment and in symbiosis with the outside stakeholders of the business.


Shapes which value life

Today we conceive and build tomorrow’s future. The attention we dedicate to products and to completed projects is the consequence of being aware that all we do has an impact on people’s lives and on their interaction with the world.
Therefore we do business on the basis of a long-term vision, excellent solutions today thinking ahead to the well- being of future generations.