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The roots

Our concern for the environment and our propensity to innovate have distant origins. It all began in the 1990s, when our Group decided to concentrate part of its resources in the agricultural sector, creating two activities that still today represent a respectful and sustainable management model.

Through both activities, PEFC and FSC certified and dedicated one to sowing and the other to poplar groves and vineyards, a deep ecological attitude and passion for the land began to take root in our identity.

Our journey towards sustainability began here. A path that is summed up in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) culture: the set of criteria by which the company's environmental, social and governance impact is measured.

Social responsability

Attention to the environment and people: sustainability also means valuing human resources, contributing to the development of skills, actively participating in the local community in which the company operates and promoting constant innovation and growth for sustainable development.

At Alta we want all the people in our world and in the community in which we operate, from customers to suppliers, from employees to partners, to be an integral part of our project: we are all committed to promoting ethical principles, equality and diversity, trust and seriousness. An example of this is our company layout, which has put the people who work, their safety and working comfort at the centre.

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We believe in change, and we are aware that the great transformations taking place - both environmental and in people's mindsets - have highlighted the need to rediscover other ways of living and interpreting living spaces: our alternative approach to interior design stems from this conviction.

Our design has therefore begun to change, and this sensitivity has opened the door to new ideas, new insights and new ways forward. We are now faced with great opportunities: the reconsideration of the concept of space, seen through new eyes, and the questioning of the established habit with which we usually consider the relationships between outdoor and indoor, open and closed, personal well-being and domestic environment.


The ALTA collections are the perfect synthesis of our design furniture concept: fluid, open and minimal environments, true ergonomic systems in synergy with the surrounding space.

Design and identity

We have made designer kitchen and living spaces the strong point of our business. We have been inspired by aesthetic canons deeply linked to the concepts of harmony, sustainability and elegance, and our realisations born from this research are characterised by a minimal, essential design, attentive to functionality, attention to detail and the enhancement of the furnishing elements.

Our kitchens, all Made in Italy, represent the perfect synthesis of our company philosophy: aesthetics and ergonomics, space as a source of continuous inspiration, and research translated into meticulous design and great tailoring. Flexible and customisable, the ALTA kitchen is in fact conceived as a system that can be adapted to design requirements and functional needs, guaranteeing high quality standards in the harmony between form and space.

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Research and development

Kitchen as a system

Fluid and open environments


Space is inspiration, it becomes the cue to think, a permeable and open container to be filled with contents and functions for the benefit of the people who will enjoy its benefits. It is from this unique and unrepeatable combination of desires and needs, environment, time and materials that the design idea is born and materialises in a given space.

Our kitchens are eco-friendly and eco-sustainable: a responsibility towards the health of people and our planet. It is a long-term vision that we are building day by day, aware that green solutions will make our everyday life and that of future generations more liveable.

The future

The time of change calls for an inclusive sensibility: that with which we are imagining innovative products made with natural and organic systems and materials. All this is the result of the path we have undertaken, a path of which Fuorisalone 2022 represents a very important stage.

In the wonderful showcase of the Fuorisalone, we have the opportunity to present our philosophy, our values and the projects we are preparing for the future, as in the case of the collaboration with Pnat: the spin-off company of the University of Florence, which with the Fabbrica dell'Aria project has developed an innovative system to purify the air of indoor spaces through plants.

Vegetation, natural light and dynamic aeration create a new harmony between the natural environment and human spaces, giving life to an inhabited place, in dialogue with green areas and hydro or aeroponic cultivation.

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