More that in any other room of the home, the kitchen is the place where purely aesthetic aspects are paired with others that are exclusively functional. Sistema 22 is capable of creating a space that is designed to meet all the functional and aesthetic requirements of a customer with all the exclusivity of an extremely tailor-made product.

Kitchen arrangements must satisfy a number of set rules but their specific features are also defined when customers find just the right details and customisations to turn them into really bespoke products tailored to their individual needs.

The kitchen is a stage where different, customised atmospheres can be created and colour is essential for balance and harmony. Sistema 22 offers a vast range of shades, materials, handle-less opening methods and handles that can all be mixed and matched for a really personal result.


For really unique projects customised to meet everyone’s requirements and wishes, Sistema 22 offers a  wide range of colours and materials. Wood species, laminates, glass, bright or soft shades, minimalist designs or refined forms. The constants of our collection are two essential ingredients for exhaustive planning: authentic quality and ultimate freedom to mix and match.